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Looking for a 3100 Petition? A sample Grant Gift Deed? That SSI article in The Net News? CANHR's new Legal Information Network (LIN) website has it all.

Now with your yearly LIN subscription you get access to the web site containing CANHR’s searchable archive of Net News articles, sample forms, letters, pleadings, cases, etc. on elder law issues, including Estate Planning for Medi-Cal, Special Needs Trusts, Elder Financial Abuse, and Elder Abuse Litigation. Click here to visit the website.

CANHR has launched the LIN Subscribers Only website where attorneys can find answers to their questions by using the searchable database or by submitting a contact form to the LIN staff. Access is limited to Subscribers. If you are currently a subscriber, you will have received an email with your user name, password and instructions on how to sign in, If you are not a Legal Information Network Subscriber sign up now at the Legal Information Network.

New Developments

  • Assisted Living: Getting to Know the Regulatory System Webinar
    Announcing a webinar on October 22 at 11:00 a.m. PST.
    Part of the National Senior Citizens Law Center's, "Making up for Lost Time: Addressing Problems In California’s Assisted Living System",will give an inside look at the California RCFE regulatory system and provide an overview of other state assisted living regulatory systems.
    NSCLC will host Pam Dickfoss, Community Care Licensing Division Deputy Director at the California Department of Social Services and Ronald Melusky, President Elect at the National Association for Regulatory Administration.

    Click here for more information and to register..

    (posted Oct 9th, 2014)
  • Press Release: RCFE Reform Act of 2014 Bills Signed into Law!

    As of Sunday, September 28, the Governor has signed a total of ten (10) bills that were part of the RCFE Reform Act of 2014. The RCFE Reform Act of 2014 was introduced in response to several scathing investigative reports about the failures in oversight and enforcement regarding California’s Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, and the scandal at Valley Springs Manor in Castro Valley, where 19 elderly residents were abandoned by the care home’s owner/licensee. The reform bills focused on improving RCFE care, empowering residents, and providing DSS with some new tools to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
    Read the full press release..
    Read CANHR's statement...

    (posted Sept 29th, 2014)
  • SB 1124 (Hernandez) Vetoed by the Governor

    CANHR is more than saddened that Governor Brown decided to veto SB 1124 (Hernandez) - a bill that would have offered great relief for many Medi-Cal beneficiaries who worry about losing their family homes.
    Read CANHR's statement on the veto...
    Read the Governor's veto message...

    (posted Sept 26th, 2014)
  • CMS New Antipsychotic Reduction Goals Criticized by Resident Advocates

    On Friday, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced its new goals for reducing antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes. Touting the 15% reduction in antipsychotic use in nursing homes since 2011, CMS wants antipsychotic use to decline by 30% from 2011 levels by the end of 2016.

    (posted Sept 22nd, 2014)
  • Auditor Blasts Los Angeles County DPH on Nursing Home Complaint Investigation Practices

    On August 27, 2014, the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller released his latest findings on nursing home complaint investigations by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. His office found very serious problems with the quality of investigations. For example, in 40 percent of the complaint cases examined – including five cases involving the deaths of nursing home residents – DPH managers downgraded or deleted the surveyors’ recommended deficiencies and citations, usually without any documentation.
    Read More... (posted Sept 19th, 2014)

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