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The following RCFE Reform Act bills have been signed into law

SB 895 (Corbett): Requires DSS to post inspection reports; report on annual inspections
SB 911 (Block): Increases administrator and staff training in RCFEs
SB 1382 (Block): Increases RCFE annual fees by 20%
SB 1153 (Leno): Provides a ban on new admissions for out of compliance RCFEs
AB 1523 (Atkins): Requires all RCFEs to carry liability insurance 
AB 1572 (Eggman): Increases rights of Resident and Family Council
AB 1899 (Brown): Prohibits reinstatement of license when licensee abandons residents
AB 2044 (Rodriguez): Requires administrator on site 24/7 and increased staff training
AB 2171 (Wieckowski): Creates statutory Resident Bill of Rightss


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