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2015 California Legislation

CANHR is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following bills for the 2015 legislative session.

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Review the fact sheets and find sample letters of support below for each bill.


SB 33 (Hernandez): Medi-Cal Recovery Reform
This bill would limit Medi-Cal recovery for those who are 55+ years of age to only what is required by federal law, and eliminate optional recovery for other services; eliminate recovery on surviving spouses’ estates; allow hardship exemptions for homesteads of modest value and require the Department of provide claims detail information to current or former Medi-Cal beneficiaries and to post how to obtain this information on their website. SB 33 is co-sponsored with Western Center on Law and Poverty.

Status: Medi-Cal Recovery bill now a 2-year bill! The Governor’s office was not supportive of SB 33 this year, so we will retrench and try again in 2016.

AB 601 (Eggman): Suitability of Ownership/Ownership Disclosure for RCFEs

This bill establishes specific suitability requirements and requires applicants who are seeking a license to run an assisted living/residential care facilities for the elderly to submit information on ownership and prior ownership of any type of facility, in any state, including a history of compliance with applicable laws. AB 601 will provide the Department of Social Services with the information necessary to make more appropriate decisions as to what applicants are suitable to operate RCFEs in California, and will also allow consumers to make better informed choices regarding placement in an RCFE.

Status: Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 601 (Eggman) into law.

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Page Last Modified: October 12, 2015