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2018 California Legislation

CANHR is supporting, opposing and/or closely following the following pieces of legislation this session. This list is subject to change. Please check for updated details on legislation, and for information on specific bills.

CANHR Sponsored Bills

AB 3211 (Kalra) – Improved Organ Donor Choices in Advance Directives
This bill updates California’s statutory Advanced Healthcare Directive to simplify the choices related to organ donation and encourage a more complete explanation of the principal’s preferences.  In addition, the bill increases the likelihood that adults who wish to make an anatomical gift are given the opportunity to do so.  Nearly 23,000 Californians are awaiting lifesaving organ transplants – the revised AHCD in AB 3211 provides an excellent opportunity to better identify organ donors and give them a better chance of expressing and effectuating their wishes.
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CANHR Support

AB 1785 (Nazarian) – Medi-Cal Eligibility: Assets
This bill would exclude the principal and interest of a 529-college savings plan from consideration for purposes of a resources test to determine eligibility for Medi-Cal benefits.
Status: Hearing in Senate Health Committee on 6/6/18
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AB 2233 (Kalra) – Assisted Living Waiver 
This bill would improve the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) Program by increasing the number of participant slots, expanding the geographic service area, and revising the provider reimbursement methodology. The ALW gives seniors and persons with disabilities the choice to receive Medi-Cal services in an assisted living facility or public subsidized housing, rather than a nursing home.
Status: Passed Assembly Appropriation Committee 12-0 and ordered to 3rd reading
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AB 2324 (Rubio) – Public Shaming of Elder and Dependent Adults
Given the recent media coverage of the widespread taking and sharing of pictures of naked nursing home residents, this bill clarifies that the taking, transmission, or dissemination of an image of an elder or dependent adult that degrades or humiliates them is abuse.
Status: Assembly Hearing cancelled at request of the author
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AB 2430 (Arambula) – Medi-Cal: Program for Aged and Disabled Persons
This bill would instead require, upon receipt of federal approval, all countable income over 100% of the federal poverty level, up to 138% of the federal poverty level, to be disregarded, after taking all other disregards, deductions, and exclusions into account for those persons eligible under the program for aged and disabled persons.
Status: In Senate, read the 1st time
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SB 1152 (Hernandez) – Hospital Patient Discharge Process: Homeless Patients
This bill would require those health facilities to include within the hospital discharge policy, a written homeless patient discharge planning policy and process, as specified.
Status: Passed Senate floor and ordered to Assembly
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CANHR Oppose

AB 2033 (Choi) - CCRC Repayable Contracts.  Yet another attempt to makedetrimental changes to the laws governing Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) in California by changing the definition of “repayable contracts,” this bill is clearly intended to pave the way for Erickson Living – not even an operator in the CCRC industry in California – to avoid and weaken current statutory requirements regarding Continuing Care Retirement Communities in California.
Status: Dead
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AB 3004 (Kiley) – Revocable Transfer on Death Deeds 
This bill would prematurely delete the sunset provision for the Revocable Transfer on Death Deed (TOD). In 2016, AB 139 (Gatto) created the TOD as a simple way for individuals to transfer real property upon death. AB 139 also directed the Law Review Commission to study the impact of the TOD and make recommendations to the Legislature by 1/1/20. This bill attempts to delete the sunset provision prematurely, before the Commission has the opportunity to do its job. The Commission has already found numerous procedural problems with the TOD, along with concerns that TODs open up the possibility of an increase in financial elder abuse.
Status: Dead
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SB 1336 (Morrell) – Public Health: End of Life Options Act 
The End of Life Option Act authorizes an adult who has been determined to be suffering from a terminal disease to make a request for an aid-in-dying drug. SB 1336 would dilute the End of Life Options Act by creating additional barriers for terminally ill patients attempting to access this treatment.
Status: Dead
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AB 1953 (Wood): Skilled nursing facilities: disclosure of interests in business providing services
This bill would require disclosures by an applicant for a license to operate a skilled nursing facility or by a skilled nursing facility licensee relating to an ownership or control interest of 5% or more in a corporation, sole proprietorship, or partnership, that provides, or is proposed to provide, any service to the skilled nursing facility.
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AB 2850 (Rubio): Nursing assistant training programs: online and distance learningThis bill previously contained language that would have created “geriatric medication technician” as a subcategory of a certified nurse assistant (CNA), diluting the qualifications of caregivers who administer medications and providing nursing homes an opportunity to replace licensed nurses with lesser-paid CNAs. However, the bill was substantially amended on 4/18/18 and now relates to classroom training requirements for CNAs. In its current form, the bill would authorize classroom training hours to be offered through online or distance learning classes.
Status: In Senate 
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AB 3098 (Friedman) RCFE Emergency Training
Sponsored by the assisted living industry, this bill is a very limited attempt to improve RCFE preparedness for emergencies by requiring periodic training and drills on emergency plans. It does not address any of the serious shortcomings in RCFE emergency plans that were exposed during the wildfires, mudslides and other natural disasters that struck California in the last year.
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Federal Proposed Laws

H.R. 1215 – OPPOSE
Congress is considering a bill that will effectively end California’s 20-plus year civil protection system for victims of elder abuse or neglect perpetrated by health care providers. While California already has a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages – the centerpiece of H.R. 1215 - elder and dependent adult abuse cases are rightfully exempt. H.R. 1215 would end this critical exemption. H.R. 1215 inoculates an entire class of professionals and the health care industry from being held liable when their actions fall below, even far below, the acceptable standards or when they intentionally hurt a patient.
Status: Senate Judiciary Committee.
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Page Last Modified: June 5, 2018