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2016 California Legislation

CANHR is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following bills for the 2016 legislative session.

Review the fact sheets and find sample letters of support below for each bill.


SB 33 (Hernandez): Medi-Cal Recovery Reform
This bill would limit Medi-Cal recovery for those who are 55+ years of age to only what is required by federal law, and eliminate optional recovery for other services; eliminate recovery on surviving spouses’ estates; allow hardship exemptions for homesteads of modest value and require the Department of provide claims detail information to current or former Medi-Cal beneficiaries and to post how to obtain this information on their website. SB 33 is co-sponsored with Western Center on Law and Poverty. Status: Pending on the Assembly floor.

Please send letters of support to:

Governor Edmund “Jerry” G. Brown, Jr.
State Capitol Building, 1st Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
FAX: (916) 558-3160

Read the Factsheet
Read the Bill
Download Sample Letter

SB 924 (Roth): Insurance: Annuity Transactions
Under existing law insurance companies must comply with specific requirements regarding the purchase, exchange, or replacement of an annuity recommended to a senior consumer. The insurance company must have reasonable grounds to believe that the annuity transaction would be suitable for the senior based on certain information including: age, annual income, and whether the consumer has a reverse mortgage. This bill would add the requirement that an insurance company ascertain whether the purchase of an annuity is connected to an attempt to qualify for a government benefit. If a senior is trying to qualify for a government benefit, then the insurance company must determine whether or not it is a suitable transaction.
Read the Factsheet
Read the Bill

For details on specific bills, go to:



Page Last Modified: February 9, 2016