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National Advocacy and Services

These listings constitute some of the major national resource organizations that promote civil rights for LGBT people, assistance to caregivers, and training and support for professionals in the field of aging.

American Society on Aging:

ASA’s Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network educates professionals in the field of aging to the unique barriers for LGBT elders to housing, health care, and long-term care. They foster professional development through publications, conferences and events.
Phone: 800-537-9728

Family Caregivers Alliance:

FCA offers a place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender caregivers of adults with chronic health problems to discuss the unique issues of caring for their loved ones. Their LGBT Caregiving: Frequently Asked Questions offers ways to support LGBT caregivers and tips on how to access services
Phone: 800-445-8106

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

Promotes civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people through the development of leaders and activists to promote social justice for LGBT people. Released Outing Age 2010 which presents an in-depth look at public policy issues and challenges facing millions of aging LGBT people in the United States.
Phone: 323-539-2406

The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging:

Provides training, technical assistance and educational resources to aging providers, LGBT organizations and LGBT older adults. Offers a clearinghouse of resource links to LGBT elder abuse, end of life decisions, health care access, HIV and Aging, housing, legal support and social security. (This is a SAGE led project)
Phone: 212-741-2247


Works directly with LGBT older adults, their caregivers and family members and provides housing resources, information and referrals to LGBT-friendly services including case management and mental health services. Runs a friendly visitor program for extremely isolated LGBT older adults.
Phone: 415-296-8995


An on-line community for LGBT aging providers and advocates which includes a resource center with downloadable documents, a list of upcoming conferences and workshops and an on-line discussion group.

Services & Advocacy for Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Seniors:

SAGE works with GLBT elders to address and overcome the challenges of discrimination in senior service settings. Their website offers a large catalogue of policy briefs and reports. SAGE state affiliates (California’s affiliate is Golden Rainbow Center in Palm Springs) offers individual and group counseling and comprehensive case management, employment assistance, friendly visitor outreach, educational programs and social activities.
Phone: 212-741-2247