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Support CANHR’s Advocacy Campaign for Quality Care

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform is dedicated to improving the choices, care and quality of life for California’s long term care consumers.  Through direct advocacy, community education, legislation, and litigation CANHR educates and supports long term care consumers and their advocates regarding rights and remedies under the law.  It is CANHR’s goal to create a united voice for long term care reform and work toward alternatives to institutionalization.

Volunteer with CANHR and support us in these efforts.

Become a Legislative Advocate
Write to legislators about problems you have observed in long term care facilities and join CANHR’s yearly legislative campaign.

Join the Media Campaign
Tell your story or get friends to tell their stories to the media.  If you have, or if you know anybody who has, experienced neglect, elder abuse, financial abuse, and/or violation of rights in a long term care facility, let the public know.

Support The Family Council Project
Help start a Family Council in a nursing home or residential care facility in your region and join our Family Council network.

Conduct Surveys in RCFEs
Take surveys to RCFEs in your region so that CANHR can provide the most accurate and current information about facilities to consumers. 

Start a Regional Support Group
Start a support group that will be a useful tool in terms of building supportive networks, sharing ideas, voicing concerns and making change.

Be a CANHR Ambassador
Attend senior fairs and events, providing essential information to residents of your community.  As an ambassador, you will be the main point person for various projects within your community and you will help recruit other volunteers to get more hands on deck.