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In Memory — Konrad Semrau

CANHR mourns the loss of Konrad Semrau, who passed away on March 8, 2006, in Chico, California. 

Konrad had an illustrious career as a chemical engineer, traveled extensively and worked for the Stanford Research Institute from 1950 until his retirement in 1989.

He became a part of CANHR's family in 1986 and worked closely with our Family Support Group in San Mateo. With Kathryn Stebner as counsel, Konrad was the plaintiff in one of the first successful elder abuse lawsuits against a nursing home in California. He subsequently worked with CANHR to change the law enabling others to seek remedies.

He joined CANHR's Board of Directors in 1989 and helped make CANHR a statewide presence. Serving as Treasurer, Vice President and, ultimately, as President of the Board, Konrad's wisdom, experience and persistent good humor enabled CANHR to grow into a strong advocacy voice for nursing home residents and their families.  

We will miss you.