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California’s Largest Nursing Home Owner Under Fire
From Government Regulators

On June 14, 2015, the Sacramento Bee published findings of its investigation of California’s largest nursing home operator, Shlomo Rechnitz. The remarkable articles and video describe the appalling conditions at some of his nursing homes and the deaths and suffering of residents due to neglect. Since September 2014, three of Mr. Rechnitz’s nursing homes have closed or had their Medicare and Medi-Cal certification terminated due to repeated findings that residents’ lives were in immediate jeopardy due to neglect. The problems don’t stop there, as the Sac Bee cover story describes several other Rechnitz nursing homes that have been cited for harming residents.

The details of the abuse and neglect are beyond shocking. At Gridley Healthcare & Wellness, a group of CNAs took photos of exposed or deceased residents and shared them on social media, in one case while dancing in a sexually provocative manner over the head of a resident who appeared to be asleep or unconscious. At Wish-I-Ah Healthcare & Wellness Centre near Auberry, which is now closed, a resident died after poor wound care left her septic. A sponge from her wound dressing had been left in the wound and was growing in her skin. Numerous other residents at Wish-I-Ah became ill while living in dangerously unsanitary conditions. At South Pasadena Convalescent, the nursing staff did not know how to properly administer CPR and a resident died in the presence of an inspector. Another resident, who was known to be suicidal and delusional, was allowed to walk away from the facility unsupervised and died a horrific death after lighting herself on fire. In the first five months of 2015, DPH issued 24 citations to South Pasadena Convalescent for neglect and abuse that appears to be rampant in this

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