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CANHR Press Releases

06/08/2017 Arbitration About-Face: Feds Side with Corporate Interests
Over Vulnerable Nursing Home Residents
03/09/2017 Congressional Bill Would Destroy California’s Elder Abuse Protections
12/19/2016 The Gift That Keeps Giving: Saving Your Home for the Holidays
CANHR Offers Free Family Equity Lending Guide
09/29/2016 Federal Government Prohibits Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements in Nursing Homes
06/14/2016 Forced Exodus: Avalon Care Center Hit with 29 Citations for Illegally Evicting Nursing Home Residents
05/04/2016 OUTRAGE: For-Profit Nursing Home Corporations Prepare to Raid Public Health Funding
02/04/2016 California Court Prohibits Nursing Home Decisionmaking for
Unrepresented Residents Due to Lack of Notice
11/09/2015 Advocates Sue State to Stop Illegal Dumping of Nursing Home Residents
10/08/2015 Governor Brown Signs Residential Care Ownership Suitability Law
08/24/2015 Department of Public Health Takes “See No Evil, Hear No Evil”
Approach to Nursing Home Abuse
06/25/2015 CANHR v. Chapman: Court Order Protects Nursing Home Residents
09/29/2014 CANHR's Statement: RCFE Reform Act bills have been signed into law
09/29/2014 RCFE Reform Act of 2014 Bills Signed into Law!
08/12/2014 Medi-Cal Recovery Reform in Peril! Expensive Health Care Loans for Low Income Citizens
05/16/2014 California’s Medi-Cal Recovery = Expensive Health Care Loans for Low Income Citizens
04/25/2014 On-Line Consumer Information on Residential Care Facilities Legislation Introduced
04/03/2014 RCFE Reform Act of 2014 Bills to Be Heard Next Week
03/12/2014 Yamada Audit Request Approved
01/13/2014 California Legislators Address Crisis in Senior Care Homes
01/10/2014 California Legislators and Advocates announceRCFE REFORM ACT OF 2014
11/22/2013 $2.2 Billion Johnson & Johnson Settlement Sends New Warning
08/06/2013 CANHR Fights Back Against Nursing Homes’ Attempt to Undermine Resident Rights through Arbitration Agreements
01/10/2013 Prison Time for Nurse Who Chemically Restrained Nursing Home Residents
07/17/2012 CANHR Releases Attorney General Reports Showing Rampant Abuse and Neglect in Fourteen California Nursing Homes
01/30/2012 San Mateo Health System Proposes Closure of Burlingame Long Term Care and Transfer of Residents - We Ask Why?
08/26/2010 CANHR Launches Website to Fight Drugging of Nursing Home Residents
03/15/2010 Three Orange County Nursing Home Residents Die From Neglect
03/10/2010 TOXIC MEDICINE! - New Guide to Fighting the Misuse of Psychoactive Drugs in California Nursing Homes
11/03/2009 Beware of Swine Flu "Quarantines"
08/14/2009 Santa Monica Nursing Home Fined $100,000 for Death of a Resident Due to Neglect
04/21/2009 Deaths of Santa Monica Nursing Home Residents from Neglect Result in Minimal Penalties from Licensing Officials
10/10/2008 Governor’s Severe Cuts to Ombudsman Program Expose Elders to Abuse and Neglect
09/29/2008 Governor Signs Senator Steinbergs (SB 1140) Protecting Elders Who Have Been Exploited Through Undue Influence
07/14/2008 83–Year–Old Woman with Disability Sues for Equal Access
to Retirement Community Dining Room
04/08/2008 Billion Dollar Funding Increase Fails to Improve Nursing Home Care in California
03/03/2008 Workshop: What You Need to Know About Medi–Cal
01/18/2008 Proposed Inspection Cuts Endanger Elders
10/16/2007 Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect Nursing Home Abuse Victims
09/25/2007 Class Action Lawsuit Seeks End to Misleading Legal DocumentPreparation and Unlicensed Legal Advice by "We the People"
09/24/2007 Nursing Home Industry Putting Profits Over Care of Old People
— Center for Medicare Advocacy Offers 4-Step Plan of Action —
09/12/2007 National Coalition Calls Upon Congress to Prohibit the Use of Reverse Mortgage Equity of Seniors to Fund Deferred Annuities
07/17/2007 Landmark Elder Abuse Bill Signed by the Governor
10/2/2006 Judge Orders State to Promptly Investigate Complaints of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse
05/15/2006 New Report Reveals Widespread Abuse, Broken Oversight In California Nursing Homes
03/13/2006 Legislature Orders Audit of Troubled Nursing Home Licensing Agency
01/26/2006 Press Release: Nursing Home Residents' Benefits at Risk
01/18/2006 New Government Study Finds California Overlooks Serious Nursing Home Violations
10/18/2005 State Under Fire for Failure to Investigate Nursing Home Complaints – Consumers Sue San Francisco (pdf)
04/25/2005 State Withdraws Emergency Medi-Cal Recovery Regulations; Agrees to Follow APA
09/15/2004 14 Dead from Improper Tube Feeding

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