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Table of Contents:

CANHR Reports

Drug use still an epidemic
  • Don't Believe the Hype: Inappropriate Psychotropic Drug Use in Nursing Homes Still an Epidemic
    In 2012, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes following a withering Office of Inspector General (OIG) report finding rampant misuse of antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes throughout the country. A centerpiece of the Partnership was a series of antipsychotic reduction goals, which ultimately called for a 30% reduction in antipsychotic use in nursing homes by the end of 2016...
  • No Standards: How Nursing Homes Attempted to Undermine California’s Standard Admission Agreement and Diminish Residents’ Rights (2014) (pdf)
    California nursing homes are required to use a standard admission agreement (SAA) to set forth all the contractual terms of service with their residents.  The adoption of the SAA took twelve contentious years, due to concerns over the content highlighted by a facility-led lawsuit against the state’s Department of Public Health (DPH).  When the dust settled, California had a nursing home SAA that had been through two rounds of regulatory adoption procedures with extensive public comment and a lawsuit where all of the nursing home industry’s objections were heard by a state Superior Court judge.
  • Residential Care in California - Unsafe, Unregulated & Unaccountable (2013) (pdf)
    California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR) released the attached report on the crisis in care at California's 7,500 Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs). The recent abandonment of 14 bedridden residents at Valley Springs Manor in Castro Valley highlights the serious problems in oversight and enforcement.
  • Citation Report 2013 (8/2014) (pdf)
    A listing of Nursing Home Citations in California, arranged by county, with summaries & fines issued. In an effort to provide concise yet meaningful information about fines (“citations”) received by California’s ~1,235 nursing homes, CANHR has summarized the citations issued by the Licensing and Certification Division of the Department of Public Health to nursing homes in 2013.
  • New! Your Right to Leave: a Guide for Battling Forced Placement in Long-Term Care Facilities (2015) (pdf)
    A free guide to the rights of long-term care consumers to be free from false imprisonment. Residents are often illegally held in nursing homes or assisted living facilities against their will despite no judicial decision or legal process. "Your Right to Leave" explains how and why this happens but more importantly, details residents' rights to be free from forced placement and gives guidance on remedies.
  • Your Right To Visit: A Guide To Visiting Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities and Hospitals (2011) (pdf) updated: 8/2015
    Visitation is extremely important to hospital patients and residents of long-term care facilities. Studies show visitation is highly correlated with improved quality of life for patients and residents. Visitors to hospitals and long-term care facilities often defer to the institution’s rules about visitation, legal or not. However, such deference lacks the perspective that these institutions are also often the homes of the residents. Visitation rules are only enforceable if they honor the basic rights of the residents.

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