DRA Update as of March 2015

Senator’s Letter on DRA to CMS 2015 (pdf)Senate Bill 483 (pdf)Deficit Reduction Act of 2005:Medicaid Provisions (pdf)CMS Implementation Guidelines for DRA/Medicaid (pdf)DRA/California Side-By-Side Chart 02/08 (pdf)Proof of Citizenship UpdateProof of Citizenship ACWDL 06/07 (pdf)DRA Update and Draft Regulations as of September 2013DRA Update and Draft Regulations as of September 2012  DRA Update as of March 2015 There has been no further update since October 2014 regarding the progress of implementation of the DRA regulations, when all four of the DRA regulation packages were still in the process of being drafted or redrafted.

U.S. Senate Holds Hearing About Antipsychotic Misuse in Nursing Homes

On November 30, 2011, the Senate Special Committee on Aging held a special hearing titled “Overprescribed: The Human and Taxpayers’ Costs of Antipsychotics in Nursing Homes.” The hearing follows a May 2011 Inspector General Report finding massive misuse of antipsychotic drugs to sedate and subdue residents with dementia.