CANHR Releases Attorney General Reports Showing Rampant Abuse and Neglect in Fourteen California Nursing Homes

California Advocates for Nursing Home Residents (CANHR) has obtained and released reports issued by the California Attorney General’s “Operation Guardians” that detail widespread abuse, neglect, and generally terrible conditions in the fourteen nursing homes inspected since 2010.

CANHR Releases Attorney General Reports showing rampant abuse and neglect at 14 California Nursing Homes.

Operation Guardians Report Operation Guardians, a project of the state Department of Justice, has been conducting surprise, on-site inspections of California nursing homes since 2000 to protect residents and improve care for elderly and dependent adult residents.

Medi-Cal applicants can seek reimbursement for unpaid medical bills

Many Medi-Cal applicants have unpaid medical bills prior to their application submission. Some applicants paid for medical services and, in other cases, family member’s have paid these bills hoping to be reimbursed once the applicant is approved for Medi-Cal.