New CANHR Report: No Standards: How Nursing Homes Attempted to Undermine California’s Standard Admission Agreement and Diminish Resident Rights

After 12 years of legal drama, the California Department of Public Health (DPH) issued a standard admission agreement (SAA) in 2012, setting the contractual terms of service between nursing homes and their residents. Within a month, over 300 nursing homes made a total of 4,660 requests to modify the SAA.  CANHR’s in-depth review of each of these requests demonstrates an industry-wide effort to undermine the SAA.

May 2014

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RFCE Reform Act Picking Up Steam

May was a very good month for the RCFE Reform Act of 2014. 

Horrific Cut Scrotum Case Raises Big Questions

On 10/10/11, a resident was hospitalized with a cut and de-gloved (skin injury with shearing) scrotum. The facility investigation determined that the resident most likely caused the injury to himself by scratching but the hospital doctor exclaimed that this type of injury “doesn’t just happen” and that there was “no way he resident could do that to himself; someone cut his scrotum.” A physical therapist from the facility stated that the resident was unable to use his hands and a CNA stated the resident’s arthritis was so bad it took two people to pry his arms away from his body.