CANHR Joins Advocate Statement for Better Nursing Home Oversight

In response to recent reports highlighting abuse and neglect in nursing homes across the U.S., as well as nursing home industry lobbyists calling for less accountability, CANHR, along with the Long Term Care Community Coalition, Center for Medicare Advocacy, and National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care, have issued a joint statement highlighting the abundant evidence that more – not less – accountability is needed to ensure the safety and dignity of vulnerable nursing home residents.

March 2017

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Hidden Medicaid Restrictions in Failed Repeal & Replace … But It’s Not Over

Although most of the focus on the recently failed Trump/Ryan repeal bill has been on the insurance coverage aspects, the Medicaid expansion and the Medicaid caps, there are a number of other Medicaid changes that would severely limit the ability of potential beneficiaries to become eligible for Medi-Cal, particularly the aged and disabled.