State Seeks to Revoke Licenses of Oakmont Assisted Living Facilities that Abandoned Residents During a Deadly Fire Storm in Santa Rosa

In a bold action that sent a badly needed message to assisted living operators throughout California, the Community Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the California Department of Social Services initiated legal action to revoke the licenses of two assisted living facilities operated by Oakmont Senior Living and ban their administrators from managing, operating, owning or working in California assisted living facilities for the rest of their lives.

Consensual Relationships: Questions and Answers Regarding Informed Consent, Psychotropic Drugs, and Nursing Home Residents

The misuse of psychotropic drugs for people with dementia has been receiving increased national (and international) attention in the last few years.  The psychotropic drugging practices at nursing homes, which provide housing and services to hundreds of thousands of Americans with dementia, have been particularly scrutinized.  Over half of all nursing home residents receive a psychotropic drug including powerful antipsychotics, which are known to nearly double the risk of death for elderly people with dementia.  In many cases, the drugs are used as chemical restraints where the main goal is not to improve the resident’s condition or quality of life but to sedate and subdue her.