The CMS Campaign is Failing: Nursing Home Chemical Restraint Use Trending Upward Again

Some new data from CMS sadly shows the use of antipsychotic drugs to chemically restrain nursing home residents continues unabated. Twenty percent of California nursing home residents are drugged with antipsychotics in 2018, the same number as in 2015.

Senate Report Finds that Nursing Home Residents Died Due to Poor Disaster Oversight

On November 2, 2018, the minority staff of the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance issued a report – Sheltering in Danger –  that says flawed responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma placed nursing home and assisted living facility residents in dangerous conditions and, in the case of 12 residents in Florida, led to their deaths.

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Coming Soon – Hope for Alternatives to Nursing Homes

Last month, in one of his last acts as Governor – Governor Brown vetoed AB 2233 (Kalra), a bill that would have increased the number of slots for the state’s Assisted Living Waiver program from the current 3,700 to more than 18,500 and would have expanded the program beyond the 15 counties where it is currently available.Imagine that!

CANHR has released a white paper summarizing major problems in long term care in California and offering suggestions as to what needs to be done to improve nursing home and residential care; create more affordable and accessible home and community based services; and hold predators and abusers accountable for elder abuse.

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