Advocacy groups call on Congress to End Mandatory Medicaid Estate Recovery

Several advocacy organizations, including Justice in Aging, Western Center on Law & Poverty, California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, are calling on Congress to end mandatory estate recovery for Medicaid beneficiaries.  A white paper, released today, notes that Medicaid estate recovery perpetuates poverty and inequality for very little in return.

Nonprofit Newsrooms Put Spotlight on Unfit, Unlicensed Nursing Home Operators in California

On April 6, two nonprofit newsrooms in California published findings of remarkable investigations of California nursing home chains that are expanding their operations despite decisions by state regulators that they are unfit to be licensed.  Reporters for KPCC/LAist investigated ReNew Health Group and its CEO, Crystal Solorzano, who it reports owns or is affiliated with at least 26 nursing homes throughout California.

Role of Nursing Home Residents’ “Outside” Physicians

While nursing homes are required to employ medical directors to oversee the care of residents, under federal and state law residents are still legally entitled to rely on the recommendations of their own personal physicians outside the facility as well.