LAist Reports Medicare and Medi-Cal Paid Nearly a Half-Billion Dollars to Nursing Home Chain Whose Owner Who Was Denied a License Due to Dangerously Poor Care

Illustrating why bad actors are in the nursing home business, KPCC reported on June 16, 2021 that nursing homes connected to ReNew Health and its CEO, Crystal Solorzano, received more than $428 million in Medicare and Medi-Cal payments between 2016 and 2019.

News Series Points Out Huge Problems in California Conservatorship System

ABC 10 in Sacramento recently released a five-episode series on California’s flawed conservatorship system called “The Price of Care.”  The investigative report exposes broad problems in the way conservatorships are granted and monitored while featuring individual stories in which conservatees were placed in long term care facilities, separated from family members, and charged enormous sums by professionals who profit from the system.  While many of the conservatorship criticisms and themes featured in the series will not be new to those familiar with CANHR’s work, the series comes at a pivotal time in state reform efforts.  Two bills in Sacramento, AB 1194 (Low) and SB 724 (Allen), would make important positive changes to the conservatorship process and are discussed in the fifth episode.  ABC 10’s reporting is another example of recent media coverage of conservatorship problems that is contributing to a groundswell in demand for reform.