July 2022

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New Factsheet for Medi-Cal Asset Limit Increased July 01, 2022

California increased the asset limits for certain Medi-Cal programs.

Conservatorship Abuses & Reforms Webinar Posted

The Jerome Tobis Endowed Lecture Series recently posted a webinar called “Conservatorships in California: Abuses, Critiques, and Proposals for Reform” The webinar features four speakers covering both probate and LPS conservatorships, supported decisionmaking as an alternative to conservatorship, and current conservatorship reform efforts – including AB 1663, a bill co-sponsored by CANHR.(posted July 1, 2022)

Spousal Impoverishment Protections

When a person who is married or have a registered domestic partner enters a nursing home or participates in a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) program, the couple will benefit from Spousal Impoverishment protections that allows the spouse that is not on Medi-Cal to keep additional assets and income to prevent them from running out of money.