State Ends COVID Testing Requirement for Unvaccinated Visitors to Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities.

On September 15, the Director of the California Department of Public Health issued an order rescinding the COVID testing requirement for unvaccinated visitors in hospitals, nursing homes, and intermediate care and assisted living facilities.

ABC10 Exposes Major Problems in Limited Conservatorship System

ABC10 in Sacramento has released a second season of reporting on California’s problematic conservatorship system. After a riveting first season focused on general conservatorships, investigative reporter Andie Judson takes a deep dive into “limited” conservatorships, which are meant to be less restrictive conservatorships for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Tips for Running an Effective Family Council

  • Meet With the AdministratorWhen you and other family members or friends decide to start a Family Council, ask for a meeting with the Administrator to discuss the date(s), a mutually agreed upon time, the place where you can post notices, the designated staff liaison and the process for submitting and responding to concerns of the Family Council.
  • California Health & Safety Code – Family Councils in RCFEs

    Section 1569.158

  • No residential care facility for the elderly may prohibit the formation of a family council, and, when requested by a member of the resident’s family or the resident’s responsible party, the family council shall be allowed to meet in a common meeting room of the facility during mutually agreed upon hours.