State Health Department Cites Laguna Honda for Deadly Resident Evictions

CDPH Issues Lowest Level Citations for Evictions It Forced Laguna Honda to Make San Francisco – On December 20, 2022, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a dozen Class B citations to San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Nursing Home for the evictions of residents that led to at least eleven deaths.  Class B citations are the lowest class of fine issued by CDPH to skilled nursing facilities and come with a $3,000 fine, a mere slap on the wrist for repeated and lethal acts of elder abuse.

“A Decade of Drugging” – New Report Slams Feds’ Failure to Stop Drugging of Nursing Home Residents

The Long Term Care Community Coalition placed a big lump of coal in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) stocking this Christmas with its excellent review of the current state of chemical restraints and resident drugging in America’s nursing homes. 

Santa Clara County Grand Jury Pushes for Zealous Advocacy in Conservatorship Defense

A December 20, 2022 report from the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury finds that the last two years of state legislative reform regarding probate conservatorships should inspire Santa Clara and other counties to carefully review how they handle conservatorship defense cases.