‘They Were Traumatized’: How a Private Equity-Associated Lender Helped Precipitate a Nursing-Home Implosion

A recent Politico article sheds light on the exploitative practices of private equity firms and affiliated lenders in the nursing home industry, exemplified by the case of Atrium Health and Senior Living, that allegedly jeopardize the well-being of elderly residents.

DPH Warns Nursing Homes that Medi-Cal Discrimination Is Illegal

On December 22, 2023, the Department of Public Health (DPH) issued All-Facilities Letter 23-37 reminding nursing homes in California of the admission, transfer, and discharge laws that are often disregarded in the pursuit of higher profit margins.  Unfortunately, nursing homes needed a stern reminder they are required to provide “continuous skilled nursing care .

Rate Increases and New Charges: What’s Permitted?

RATE INCREASESIn general, RCFEs are free to set their own rates and charge whatever amount residents are willing to pay.  However, California law requires that facilities comply with certain notice requirements for rate increases to be valid.