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ABC10 Exposes Major Problems in Limited Conservatorship System

ABC10 in Sacramento has released a second season of reporting on California’s problematic conservatorship system. After a riveting first season focused on general conservatorships, investigative reporter Andie Judson takes a deep dive into “limited” conservatorships, which are meant to be less restrictive conservatorships for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At the heart of each of the five episodes, is the story of a different family that was ripped apart by a conservatorship system that is too quick to move persons with disabilities from their homes and into poorly supervised, poorly managed group homes. Families are upended, conservatees’ wishes are ignored, and the state’s Department of Developmental Services is non-responsive. The season ends on a positive note, with AB 1663, a bill co-sponsored by CANHR, possibly joining last year’s AB 1994 to provide much-needed conservatorship reform.
(posted September 19, 2022)