Attorneys for Resident’s Rights Violations

Updated Friday, July 31st, 2020

Residents of nursing homes and residential care facilities have rights under both federal and state law. CANHR’s Resident’s Rights attorneys pursue cases when the rights violation is particularly serious or other options such as filing grievances with the facility administration, ombudsman assistance or complaints to the licensing and certification division prove unsuccessful.

  • Grievances
  • Admission Agreements
  • Medical Condition and Treatment
  • Protection of Resident Funds
  • Transfer and Discharge
  • Chemical & Physical Restraints & Abuse
  • Resident Records
  • Dignity and Privacy
  • Free Choice and Participation
  • Access and Visitation
  • Resident & Family Councils
  • Class Actions
  • Contact your local Ombudsman


Resident’s Rights in a Nursing Home
Resident’s Rights in a Residential Care Facility


  • Must have handled to completion a Patients’ Rights Violation case, or demonstrate equivalent experience.
  • Familiar with and have used 22 CCR § 72527 and Health Safety Code § 1430 through study or use at trial.
  • Have attended personal injury, medical malpractice trainings or nursing home litigation training


The attorneys selected to be members of CANHR’s Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) are committed to serving the needs of seniors and their loved ones. All of the attorneys are highly qualified and must meet rigorous training standards in order to be selected, and to remain, on CANHR’s LRS panels. Click on a title below for more information on each area of practice.

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse
Elder Financial Abuse
Resident’s Rights Violations in Care Homes
Estate Planning/Medi-Cal for Long-Term Care
Special Needs Trusts