2024 Medi-Cal Asset Elimination Frequently Asked Questions 

When did the asset limit change happen? California Assembly Bill 133 was signed into law in 2021, which began a process to remove the asset limit for Non-Modified Adjusted Gross Income (Non-MAGI) Medi-Cal programs, including the Long-Term Care, Aged Blind Disabled, Medically Needy and Working Disabled Programs.

Federal Legislation Introduced to Stop Medicaid Recovery

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) recently introduced the Stop Unfair Medicaid Recoveries Act, which would repeal the federal requirement that state Medicaid programs go after families and estates for repayment of Medicaid long-term care services.  CANHR has been a vocal advocate in the effort to eliminate recovery for beneficiaries of long term care services under California’s Medi-Cal program, and was one of the sponsors of legislation that changed California’s Recovery rules in 2017, severely limiting the State’s ability to recoup funds from the estates of deceased Medi-Cal beneficiaries. 

Bombshell Study: Nursing Homes Have “Staggering Hidden Profits”

A new paper from Ashvin Gandhi and Andrew Olenski finds that nursing homes hide at least 63% of their profits through the use of related party transactions.  Related parties are companies that are owned by the same owner as the nursing home to which they provide goods and services.