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Bakersfield Nursing Home Shamelessly Dumps Two Residents

DPH has issued citations to The Rehabilitation Center of Bakersfield for dumping residents under horrible circumstances.  In the first case, the facility dumped a resident whose Medicare-funded rehabilitation was terminated.  Despite the fact the resident needed significant assistance with activities of daily living and could not walk, she was driven home.  Unable to physically get into her home, an ambulancewas called and she was hospitalized.  In the second case, a resident was sent to a motel with no insulin for his diabetes and no treatment supplies for his leg wounds.  After two days in the motel, the resident went to a homeless shelter.  Soon after, he was hospitalized with hyperglycemia and leg wounds filled with pus.  For these two terrible evictions, the facility received two citations and $2,000 fines.  However, the cases did lead to an elder abuse prosecution of the facility administrator.

Click here to read the first citation referenced in this summary.

Click here to read the second citation referenced in this summary.

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