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Bedsores, Wounds, and Necrotic Tissue in Mission Viejo RCFE

Using its new enhanced penalties (up to $15,000) for assisted living facilities for just the second time, Community Care Licensing has cited Golden Coast Senior Living #7, a Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) in Orange County, for tragically neglecting a resident in 2015.  The resident had multiple advanced bedsores and a skin tear of the penis that were being treated while the resident was under hospice care.  When the resident was discharged from hospice, wound care was not provided for two days and the resident was hospitalized.  The resident was diagnosed with severe sepsis, bleeding from the penis, and bedsores.  One wound ran the length of the resident’s leg from his knee to his ankle, exposing the complete span of tibial bone.  The resident died nine days later from infection.

Read CCL’s Facility Evaluation Report.

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