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California Scores Well on Long Term Services and Supports Scorecard

The AARP Public Policy Institute (PPI) has released its updated scorecard comparing state Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) systems across multiple dimensions of performance. California’s ranked 11th overall among the states on the scorecard.

In terms of Affordability and Access, California ranked 30th. This dimension considers indicators such as home care and nursing home costs as a percentage of median household income for individuals aged 65 and above. In Choice of Setting and Provider, California ranked 1st, signifying the state’s excellence in providing options and flexibility in choosing appropriate care settings and providers for LTSS. The Safety and Quality dimension had California in 4th place, highlighting the state’s commitment to maintaining a high level of safety and quality in LTSS. In Support for Family Caregivers, California ranked 15th, indicating a moderate level of support provided to family caregivers. Lastly, in terms of Community Integration, California ranked 31st, suggesting room for improvement in integrating individuals into their communities effectively.

Overall, the scorecard reflects California’s commitment to creating community-based options for long term care while pointing out some important areas for improvement.