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CANHR to Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Five Bills Aimed at Fairness in Long Term Care

2024 promises to be a very busy year for long term care reform at the State Capitol with five bills sponsored or co-sponsored by CANHR. Each of the bills is aimed at remedying a fundamental unfairness or inequity in the long term care system. The bills bring legal protections available outside of the long term care system into the long term care system and lessons learned from one long term care setting into another. The five bills are:

  • AB 1911: RCFE Complaint Investigation Reform (Gómez Reyes). Makes the complaint process for residential care facilities more timely and efficient and less frustrating for complainants.
  • AB 2075: Designated Support Person Access During Public Health Emergencies (Alvarez). Ensures long term care facility resident access to designated support persons and other critical service providers during public health emergencies. 
  • AB 2800: Elder Abuse Prevention (Kalra). Enhances oportunities for justice for victims of elder abuse and neglect.
  • SB 1354: Medi-Cal Discrimination (Wahab). Prohibits long term care facilities from discriminating against Medi-Cal beneficiaries regarding the provision of services.
  • SB 1406: Fairness in Assisted Living Rate Increases (Allen). Provides protections against devastating rate increases in assisted living facilities.

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