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Care Plan Rights

That the resident has a right to be fully informed in advance about care and treatment and of any changes in that care or treatment that may affect the resident’s well-being and that the resident has a right to participate in planning of care and treatment. (42 CFR §483.10 (d))

That the facility must develop a comprehensive care plan to meet a resident’s medical, nursing, mental and psychosocial needs that are identified in the comprehensive assessment. The assessment should be completed within 14 days of admission and the care plan should be developed within seven days after the initial assessment. (42 CFR §483.20)

That the comprehensive assessment should include information about the resident’s medical condition and medical history, the resident’s ability to perform activities such as dressing, grooming, walking, eating, toilet use, mood and behavior patterns, speech and decision-making ability, rehabilitation and discharge potential. (42 CFR §483.20)

That the planning of care should include:

  • Identification of care needs with input from the professional staff
  • Development of a written care plan
  • Reviewing, evaluating, updating the care plan as necessary by staff and professionals at least once every three months and anytime there are any changes in the resident’s condition. (22 CCR § 72311)

When the resident, along with a family member, is involved in health care decisions, it is almost certain that the resident will get better care, will enjoy a better quality of life in the nursing home and will maintain more independence. Only through participation in the care planning process will residents be able to exercise their rights.

For more information on care plan rights, please contact the CANHR office to request a free booklet on “Getting Involved in the Careplan.”