Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sava Senior CareNursing Home Chain for Dumping Residents Without Notice

For more information contact: Pat McGinnis, Executive Director, CANHR(415) 974-5171        Anthony Chicotel, Staff Attorney, CANHR                                               (415) 974-5171 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE San Jose, CA – Sava Senior Care has been sued in Santa Clara County Superior Court for dumping residents to motels or other highly unsafe and inappropriate places.

Lawsuit Takes on Nursing Facility Chain for Illegally Dumping Vulnerable Nursing Facility Residents into Hospitals

For more information contact: Matt Borden, Esq., BraunHagey, & Borden, LLP(415) 599-0212 Kelly Bagby, Esq., AARP Foundation Litigation(202) 434-2103 Sacramento, CA – Eighty-two-year-old nursing facility resident Gloria Single filed an explosive lawsuit against Pioneer House nursing facility, RHF Foundation, and their corporate affiliates, charging that they illegally dumped her into a hospital, and are willfully violating a State order requiring that they allow her to return home.