Nursing Home Evictions Questions and Answers


As illustrated by a recent New York Times cover story*, nursing homes throughout the country are rapidly adopting a “new” business model: attract lucrative short term patients paying through Medicare, and then throw them out once their Medicare coverage ends.

Aged & Disabled, Medically Needy, and Working Disabled Medi-Cal Programs

Medi-Cal is California’s health insurance program for low-income or low-resource individuals, funded jointly through state and federal dollars. There are many different Medi-Cal programs, and each program has different eligibility criteria.

California Medi-Cal Asset Limit Increasing for Seniors and People with Disabilities

July 1, 2022 California increased the asset limit for certain Medi-Cal programs, and is expected to eventually remove asset limit requirements altogether.  The state raised the Medi-Cal asset limit for a single individual to $130,000, $195,000 for a couple, and $65,000 for each additional family member.