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Contesting Bills

Dear Advocate,

My mom is private pay resident in a skilled nursing facility. Her monthly payments are $4,400.00/ month. Last month she received a bill for $4,600.00. I asked the facility about the additional charges and they were not able not give me a detailed explanation but, informed me it was for miscellaneous services. How do I find out what these charges are for? 

Concerned Daughter in Covina

Dear Concerned Daughter in Covina,

The facility is required to provide the resident with an itemized bill.

According to California law Welfare and Institution Code §14134.6 and Health and Safety Code §1599.67 the facility shall inform residents of any changes in those charges, and shall indicate on a resident’s bill every good, product, service, and medication for which the resident is being charged, including whether or not a senior discount was obtained on the medication.

Always pay the facility the agreed upon rate for monthly charges, and tell them you will not pay additional charges without an itemized billing. Include a copy of the law that requires an itemized billing.