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COVID Deaths at Kei-Ai Los Angeles Nursing Home

A new, two-part story from AsAm News features the inordinate amount of sickness and death at the Kei-Ai Los Angeles nursing home during the COVID pandemic. 115 residents died from COVID from May 2020 through December 2022, the most of any nursing home in the state. During that time, state inspectors found myriad violations of infection control standards that led to multiple citations, all while the facility had been a COVID-designated facility, part Los Angeles’ perplexing policy that paid nursing homes to accept residents with COVID. Since 2021, the facility has been the subject of 474 complaints, 20 state enforcement actions, and $764,000 in fines. The enforcement actions include five A citations (involving death or serious harm), five “trebled” A citations, two AA citations (involving death of a resident), and two citations for willful falsification of resident records. The second article in the series focuses on the failures of state and local government officials to hold the Kei-Ai management accountable for the extremely high number of COVID deaths at the facility. Kei-Ai is owned by Pacifica Senior Living and operated by Aspen Skilled Healthcare.