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Dumping Resident in Hospital for Two Years Nets Paltry $2,000 Fine

On 10/1/2016, Windsor Care Center of Sacramento transferred a resident with dementia to a local hospital for striking out at other residents. Ten days later, he was cleared for readmission by the hospital doctors but he was not readmitted. On 2/23/2017, an administrative hearing was held and Windsor was order to readmit the resident. It ignored the order. The facility claimed it had no available bed for the resident but that was untrue. As of mid-2018, the resident had still not been readmitted. For evicting the resident with no notice or planning, dumping him into the hospital, leaving him to languish for years with no long term programming, misstating bed availability, and ignoring a State-issued order to readmit the resident, the facility was cited for failing to readmit the resident and fined a total of $2,000.

Download the pdf of this citation HERE.
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