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Dying Broke: A New Jointly Reported Series on America’s Long-Term Care Crisis from KFF Health News and The New York Times

The investigative series “Dying Broke” delves into the profound challenges faced by families and caregivers navigating long-term care in the United States. Drawing on KFF polling, original analysis, and interviews with experts and affected individuals, the series highlights the financial and emotional toll of providing and paying for long-term care. The exorbitant costs of paid care, coupled with significant price increases by for-profit companies during the pandemic, often render such services inaccessible to all but the wealthy. The ongoing shortage of healthcare workers exacerbates the situation, contributing to nearly three million older Americans not receiving the necessary long-term help.

The project sheds light on the U.S. public’s limited awareness, attitudes, and experiences concerning long-term care services and supports. Through personal narratives, the series portrays individuals who deplete their lifetime savings to cover care expenses, along with the spouses and children, particularly daughters, who make considerable sacrifices to provide care. The articles underscore the widespread lack of awareness regarding the high costs associated with long-term care and emphasize the tremendous financial and emotional burdens borne by families navigating these challenges. The series is a poignant exploration of the difficult choices and sacrifices faced by individuals and their families, aiming to raise awareness and prompt discussions about the pressing issues surrounding long-term care in the U.S.