Elderly Resident Suffering from Dementia Sexually Abused at Bellflower Post Acute

On 9/13/18, two days after she was admitted to Bellflower Post Acute, a 75-year-old resident with dementia was sexually abused by a 60-year-old male resident who had been exhibiting inappropriate sexual behavior and demanding other residents to have sex with him. The male resident was found in her room with the door closed, where he was standing over her. Her pants and adult brief were off and she had a white milky discharge in her vaginal area.

A certified nurse assistant (CNA) who was present when a nurse examined the victim reported that the nurse refused to send her to the hospital for an exam. Two physicians stated she should have been immediately sent to the hospital for a sexual assault exam but was not because they were not informed of the circumstances.

The male resident was supposed to have been on one-to-one supervision at the time due to prior inappropriate sexual behavior but the facility had not assigned anyone to monitor him. The facility was cited for failing to protect the resident from sexual abuse.

Bellflower Post Acute received a Class A citation and was fined $20,000.

Download the pdf of this citation HERE.
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