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Feds Release New Nursing Home Staffing Guidance

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released new guidance to nursing homes for performing their required self-assessments for adequate staffing. The push for better self-assessments is phase 1 of the new federal minimum staffing requirements. The guidance states the intent of self-assessments “is for the facility to evaluate its resident population and identify the resources needed to provide the necessary care and services the residents require during both day-to-day operations (including nights and weekends) and emergencies.” Facility assessments must now be drafted with input from residents, resident representatives, and family members and:

  • Inform staffing decisions to ensure that there are a sufficient number of staff with the appropriate competencies and skill sets necessary to care for its residents’ needs; 
  • Consider specific staffing needs for each resident unit in the facility and adjust as necessary based on changes to its resident population; and
  • Consider specific staffing needs for each shift, such as day, evening, night, and adjust as necessary based on any changes to its resident population.