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Fresno Nursing Home Sets Resident on Sidewalk, Calls 911, and Leaves

A 78 year old female resident was illegally evicted from the facility on 11/7/2016 when the staff called 911 and left her at the sidewalk of her former home when the police and fire departments arrived. In May of 2016, the resident had been living at home and lying on the floor for an unknown number of days with feces in her hair, cockroaches on her, and maggots in a wound on her foot. Emergency medical services called the house “not livable.” After a brief hospitalization, the resident was transferred to the facility but her son was using her income and her Medi-Cal share of cost went unpaid. On 10/6/2016, the facility issued a defective discharge notice that was missing, among other things, required information about the resident’s right to appeal. The facility management decided to send the resident back to her former home, with no assurances the resident would be safe and receive the extensive care she needed, including postoperative care for the wound on her foot. A physician’s orders for home care and equipment were unfulfilled. Upon interview, an assistant administrator stated she was unaware of any regulatory requirement for safe resident discharges. The facility administrator claimed the discharge “was never not safe,” in fact, the resident “was actually discharged to the hospital with a visit in between to see her home.”

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