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Governor Brown signed AB 1572 (Eggman) into law

AB 1572 significantly strengthens the rights of residents and their families to form resident and family councils. Resident and family councils are a powerful tool to improve quality of life and care. Some of the most important features of the legislation are two or more residents can now form a resident council where it use to take a majority; providers must inform both residents and families of their right to form councils; providers must respond to written requests or concerns of councils within 14 days and are prohibited from interfering in the formation, maintenance or promotion of councils, interference that could result in a violation with a citation and a civil penalty of $250 per day. This law will become effective January 1, 2015. 

This is the first bill of the RCFE Reform Campaign that will become law. Thank you for your support to pass AB 1572 but we still need your support to pass the rest of the RCFE Reform Act.