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Governor proposes drastic cuts inHealth and Social Services and just about everything else

On top of the recent cuts to SSI/SSP beneficiaries and the elimination of numerous optional services and benefits for most adult Medi-Cal recipients, the Governor’s recently released May Revise General Fund proposals include more drastic cuts to Medi-Cal, SSI/SSP, IHSS, Development Disability services, and the elimination of entire programs serving children, elders and the disabled.

The additional proposals would severely reduce or eliminate funding for mental health, developmental disability services, state parks, Cal grants, AIDS services, senior community based services, MSSP, the Healthy Families Program, which provides health care for over 900,000 California children; the CALWORKS Program; the MSSP Program and Senior Community-Based Services programs; several state-only Medi-Cal programs – and these are only a portion of the proposed cuts (summaries of the proposed cuts are available in pdf format below).

The Budget Conference Committee held a hearing on the proposed Health and Human Services cuts on May 27 and heard from numerous consumers and advocates. More hearings, not open for public comment, will be held over the next month(s).

Written comments can be submitted to the Chairs of the respective Senate and Assembly Committees:

Senator Denise Ducheny, Chair
Senate Budget Committee
1303 10th St.
State Capitol, Room 5019
Sacramento, CA 95814
Assemblymember Noreen Evans, Chair
Assembly Budget Committee
1303 10th St.
State Capitol, Room 6026
Sacramento, CA 95814

Suggestions: While many of the Committee members are aware of the devastating effect these cuts will have on real people, others of them have no idea and will resist increasing taxes until death. Thus, it is helpful to suggest budget alternatives in addition to increasing revenues. A reduction in the $13 billion prison budget, perhaps. In any case, it is important to let your voice be heard.

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