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Governor Slashes Health and Human Services Further – Then Signs Budget (July 28, 2009)

Using his veto pen to cut another $489 million from the state budget plan approved by the Legislature on Friday, Governor Schwarzenegger then signed a package of bills that allegedly closes California’s $26 billion gap. Unfortunately, the latest cuts once again disproportionately affect the poor, the aged and the disabled.

The latest cuts target IHSS, the Linkages Program, Aging and community based services programs, Medi-Cal, Public Health (including domestic violence and AIDS prevention and treatment programs), Parks, Developmental Services, mental health programs, and, of course, education. Some of these cuts may or may not be legal.

For the analysis of all the final budget bills and the final bill language, go to:
For the analysis of each bill: under “Documents” click on “Bill list with Floor Analysis.” To read the actual bill language of any of the budget bills, scroll down the page to the actual bill and click on the bill number to get the final, chaptered version.

A copy of the Governor’s final veto list can be accessed here.