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Gridley Healthcare & Wellness Centre Residents Subjected to Extreme Humiliation Via Videos Posted on Snapchat

Five certified nursing assistants (CNAs) were fired after taking and sharing illicit photos and videos of residents in a manner that humiliated and abused them. One of the videos showed a CNA “twerking” (dancing to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance) over a resident’s head. In another instance, a photo was taken of a resident, who was wearing only a brief, being carried by a male CNA over his shoulder. Some of the pictures involved residents who were inappropriately exposed and/or deceased. One of the CNAs stated that pictures and videos were sent on many occasions to multiple staff in the facility. A CNA who reported the abuse to the Administrator said she was “absolutely disgusted by the lack of respect this showed for human life and for a person who had passed.”

The Department of Public Health issued two Class “B” citations on 3/19/2015, with each carrying a $2,000 fine. The first citation was for abuse of residents by subjecting them to mistreatment that was undignified and humiliating.

The second citation was issued because the Administrator did not report the abuse or start an investigation after it was reported to him on 4/29/14. This failure resulted in the offending CNAs continuing to work with residents, thus jeopardizing their safety and well-being.

On 7/14/14, a new Administrator for the facility reported that five CNAs who had been involved were fired after Department of Justice investigators had taken staff phones and retrieved deleted data showing which CNAs and residents were involved.

Violation of the Month Archive