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Hair Cuts/Grooming

Dear Advocate,

My grandmother receives Medi-Cal benefits at a skilled nursing facility. She likes to get a hair cut and a permanent every month? Does Medi-Cal pay for haircuts and/or permanents or does my grandmother pay for them from her $35 personal needs allowance?

Grandson in Santa Rosa

Dear Grandson in Santa Rosa,

A skilled nursing facility is required to provide periodic hair trims to residents as part of the Medi-Cal daily rate. Hair trims are considered simple hair trims for women and hair cuts given to men. This does not include styling, permanents or dyes which are provided by a licensed barber or beautician. The facility can charge for beauty shop services. (W& I § 14110.4)

According to California law, all residents in skilled nursing facilities should be provided with care which show evidence of good personal hygiene which includes shampooing and grooming of hair and shaving or beard trimming (CCR § 72315).