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Help Stop Trump Administration Rollback of Nursing Home Standards

The public has until Monday, September 16th to comment on the Trump Administration’s proposal to gut key residents’ rights and core safety standards. If adopted, the proposed changes would expose residents throughout the nation to further suffering and harm.

The plan is a brazen attempt to enrich nursing home operators at the expense of residents. It rewards operators who started lobbying President Trump to roll back standards even before he took office. They receive over $600 million per year in savings and are allowed to pocket it. Residents get nothing under the plan except the expectation of more frequent neglect and abuse.

Here are just a few of the proposal’s lowlights:

  • Liberalizing the use of dangerous antipsychotic drugs to sedate residents;
  • Making it easier to evict residents by curtailing notice to the ombudsman program;
  • Undermining infection control standards, resident grievances, and dietary management;
  • Cutting facility assessments that align staffing levels with residents’ needs.

At a time when the quality of nursing home care has never been worse, rolling back the regulations sends exactly the wrong message to the nursing home industry.

Please join CANHR in urging the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to withdraw this terrible proposal. Comments must be submitted by 5 pm ET Monday, September 16th. CLICK HERE and make your voice heard! Short comments can be very effective. Describe your experience with nursing homes, explain that standards need to be strengthened not cut, and urge CMS to withdraw the proposed regulations because they will harm residents.

Read CANHR’s letter to CMS on the proposed regulations.