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Hilltop Care Center Chains Resident to the Wall for Years

Hilltop Care Center, a nursing home in Hayward, was found to be regularly chaining a resident to the wall of his room during the day and then strapping him to his bed at night. The resident was a male resident with traumatic brain injury and had lived in the facility for many years. As far back as 2009, the resident was strapped into his wheelchair and his wheelchair bolted into the wall to prevent him from moving due to alleged incidents of hitting and kicking.

At times, the resident would be permitted to walk but with a belt around his waist and a staff person holding the belt to make sure he “did not run away.” On September 6, 2012, the resident was transferred to a hospital and Hilltop Care Center refused to readmit him despite his legally-mandated bed hold. The facility was issued deficiencies for unnecessary physical restraints and for illegally refusing to readmit the resident.
Since this was a federal deficiency with no state citation, I don’t have a scanned version but here is the link to reading the deficiency: Nursing Home Compare.