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In-Home Supportive Services Introduces New Timesheet System and Rules

If you are providing or receiving In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), please be aware that IHSS is implementing a new timesheet system. Completed timesheets must now be mailed to a facility in Chico instead of your local IHSS county office. The new and correct address will be provided on the return envelopes mailed with the new timesheets. Only timesheets will processed at the Chico facility, any other correspondence should be sent to your county IHSS office. In addition to these changes, new timesheet rules will be implemented. If these rules are not followed, the provider’s timesheet will be rejected and payment will be delayed. The new rules are as follows:Time worked will no longer be calculated using decimals. Instead, the provider will be required to report time worked in hours and minutes.A black or blue pen must be used to fill out the timesheet.Both the provider and consumer must sign and date the timesheet.The time sheet must not be folded.Provider timesheets must not claim more hours worked than authorized.

For more information, please call the local county IHSS office or visit: