Legal Services Support

Updated Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Description of Program/Areas of Expertise:

CANHR provides advice, counseling, technical assistance, free publications, and training in the areas of public benefits and long-term care, including nursing homes, residential care, community based and long term care Medi-Cal, hospital discharge, transfer & discharge rights from long term care facilities, elder abuse, financial abuse, reverse mortgages, Medi-Cal Recovery, resident rights, health care decision-making, and other legal issues affecting low-income older adults and individuals with disabilities living in California. CANHR has a statewide hotline for legal services staff and consumers (800-474-1116) and a website with information and fact sheets on numerous areas of law and resident rights, available at

Services Offered:

Consultation: CANHR staff will answer phone or email questions from legal services staff on individual cases, legal citations, case strategy, drafting documents, research, and provide access to document brief banks. Subject matters of consultation can include any of the areas of expertise listed above. Call 800-474-1116 or email

Information Services: In addition to free subscriptions to CANHR’s quarterly newsletters, The CANHR Advocate and the Legal Network News, CANHR offers one free copy of all attorney training manuals to qualified programs. Copies of fact sheets can be downloaded from our web site.

Representation: Includes consultation with and/or representation of individual clients referred by programs, collaboration on individual cases, and assistance with administrative and judicial appeals. CANHR will initiate litigation on specific issues at the request of programs. Contact: Maura Gibney at or Tony Chicotel at

Training: CANHR provides free training to legal services programs on Medi-Cal eligibility including spousal impoverishment rules, estate planning for long-term care, home and community-based services options for older adults and individuals with disabilities, eviction and transfer/discharge rights, long-term care litigation, nursing home laws, elder abuse, healthcare decision-making, representing clients with diminished capacity, conservatorship defense and residents’ rights. Contact Maura Gibney, ED at to request a specific training.