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Maclay Healthcare Center in Sylmar Cited for Severe Neglect Which Led to Live Maggots in Resident’s Mouth

The facility failed to provide mouth care to a resident who was totally dependent on staff for activities of daily living. As a result, on 11/11/18 the resident had several live maggots in his mouth. The resident’s diagnosis included severe mental impairment and his care plan included mouth care. When the maggots were found, they were coming out of the resident’s mouth. When oral care and suction was performed, about 26 maggots were removed. The resident’s chief complaint was respiratory distress, as the maggots contributed to the resident’s aspiration and respiratory problems. The facility failed to ensure the resident was free from neglect, which caused his Myiasis (infection with a fly larva), an infection that is rarely acquired in the United States.

Download the pdf of this citation HERE.
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