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March 2017

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Hidden Medicaid Restrictions in Failed Repeal & Replace … But It’s Not Over

Although most of the focus on the recently failed Trump/Ryan repeal bill has been on the insurance coverage aspects, the Medicaid expansion and the Medicaid caps, there are a number of other Medicaid changes that would severely limit the ability of potential beneficiaries to become eligible for Medi-Cal, particularly the aged and disabled. Many of these proposals were incorporated into the failed repeal bill, but all of them survive as independent bills.
All of these bills are currently pending in Congress, and several have already passed the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. There is still time to register your concern and/or opposition by contacting your Congressional representative.
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A Follow Up to CNN’s Explosive Article on Nursing Home Rape: What’s Being Done?

Federal legislation introduced two days after CNN’s investigation was published could make it far more difficult to hold problematic nursing homes accountable for abuse. The bill H.R. 1215, submitted by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, would limit the legal liability of nursing homes, among a wide variety of other doctors, medical facilities and companies. If passed, the law would not only apply to medical accidents but also to egregious cases of sexual and physical abuse.

New RCFE Admission Agreement Regulations

On April 1, 2017, California will have new regulations governing RCFE admission agreements. These regulations implement several laws involving admission agreements that were passed between 2002–2013, and contain many of the same provisions. The regulations require that the agreement be written in “clear, understandable, coherent, and unambiguous language, using words with common and everyday meanings.” The regulations specify items that must be included in the agreements, such as available services, payment provisions, modification and refund conditions. The regulations also specify items that may not be included in the agreements, such as waivers of facility responsibility for residents’ health, safety or personal property, or any provision that violates residents’ rights.
Click here for more information about the regulations.

New Federal and California Notice Protections Take Effect for Patients in Observation Status

Hospitals must now use a standardized notice, the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice (MOON), to alert Medicare patients held in “observation status” for more than 24 hours that they have not been officially admitted, the reasons they are classified as outpatients and the coverage implications. Notice of non-inpatient status must be provided within 36 hours. Under the federal Notice of Observation Treatment and Implications for Care Eligibility Act (NOTICE Act) and implementing regulations, hospitals had to start using the MOON at least by March 8, 2017. CMS anticipates that more than one million patients will receive the MOON annually. Yet, the Center for Medicare Advocacy reports that many outpatients will not receive notice of their non-inpatient status due to CMS’s misinterpretation of the NOTICE Act.

Medi-Cal Recovery – CANHR Needs Your Help – Share Your Story

CANHR is conducting an outreach campaign for consumers across California on the Medi-Cal Recovery program and the changes to Medi-Cal Recovery law effective January 1, 2017. We are seeking individuals who can speak about how the Medi-Cal Recovery program has affected their lives, in a short video. 

If you are willing to share your story to help educate others — or if you are are interested in learning more about this project — please email or fill out CANHR’s media release form here.
Thank you! 

Upcoming Events

May 2017 Los Angeles Social Worker Training

“What You Should Know about Long Term Care in California” 
Medi-Cal Eligibility & the New Medi-Cal Recovery Laws

For social workers, geriatric care mangers, admission and discharge planners and other long term care professionals. 
Presented by: Pat McGinnis, Executive Director CANHR
May 5, 2017
10am – 1pm
Magnolia Place Family Center
1910 Magnolia Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90007
For questions, please contact Julie Pollock at