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May 2014

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RFCE Reform Act Picking Up Steam

May was a very good month for the RCFE Reform Act of 2014.  All of the bills have moved onto the next house of the legislature after an arduous couple of months of committee hearings.  While the bills are all still alive and moving on, they need consumer and advocacy support more than ever.  Reform opponents are doubling their efforts to maintain business-as-usual, meaning poor quality care and weak enforcement. 

Prescott Cole is a Really Big Deal

CANHR Senior Staff Attorney Prescott Cole was recently presented with the 2014 Legal Assistance for Seniors Outstanding Service Award for his work on elder abuse issues over the years.  The award was presented at LAS’s annual Elder Abuse Forum held at Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

Picture:  Francel D’Andrea, Executive Director of LAS and Prescott Cole

CMS Extends Deadline for Long Term Care Facilities to Install Sprinklers while Davis Nursing Home Fire Displaces 100 Residents

After nursing homes were given five years to comply with federal rules requiring automatic sprinklers, CMS has extended the deadline for compliance. 

CMS stated:

“Based on public feedback, we understand that some facilities were not able to meet the 2013 deadline.  In order to maintain access to LTC facilities, and in recognition of financing difficulties faced by some providers, we are allowing LTC facilities the opportunity to apply for a deadline extension, not to exceed 2 years, if certain conditions apply. An additional extension may be granted for up to 1 year, depending on the need and particular circumstances.”

The extension underscores the danger posed to nursing home residents who live in facilities that are not fully sprinklered.  Although no one needed a reminder, we received one as a fire forced the evacuation of a Davis nursing home in May.

U.S. Older Adult Population Will Double by 2050

A recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau projects that the the explosion in the older adult population will continue for the next several decades, doubling from 2012 to 2050.  The population increase will continue to have enormous impact on the American society, economy and health care systems, particularly as the nation’s dependency ratio of caregivers to care recipients shrinks.

Assisted Living Death Tax Bites the Dust

Last month, we alerted readers to the problems with assisted living facilities charging residents for services after they had died.  Ab 261 (Chesbro, 2013) was enacted to prohibit that practice but it has apparently continued.  However, in May the Department of Social Services issued a directive affirming that AB 261 is retroactive to admission agreements signed prior to 2014 so facilities may no longer charge any fees after a resident has died and her belongings are removed.

Upcoming Events

“Comfort as the New Medicine” Comes to San Diego on July 24

CANHR is bringing its comfort-focused dementia care training back to San Diego to focus on implementation of comfort care principles in lieu of chemical restraints.  The trainers are Tena Alonzo, the fantastic comfort care teacher from the Beatitudes Campus in Phoenix, AZ, and Martha Ranon from the Southern Caregiver Resource Center (an event co-sponsor).  Other co-sponsors include Elder Law & Advocacy, and the State Office of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman.  Lunch and CEUs will be provided.